Women in Poker

A lot of women of all ages enjoy playing poker games. They often find it exciting, challenging and normally enjoyable. On the other hand, to some it is a terrific chance to meet fresh faces, socialize with them and spend some enjoyable time with their friends. Whether people decide to host a game of poker right at their homes, or visit a physical or online casino, there are many reasons why they play poker games on regular basis. Due to the surge of women poker players, there is a lot of news generated either for them or about them. Let’s look at some of these.

For example, pokerstars.com, an online poker website that attempts to be in the lead of women’s poker games, launched a new 2011 women’s poker league on 7th February, 2011. This is good news for the ladies as their main focus is to help women learn playing the poker game in a friendly, no-stress atmosphere with free rolls, low buy-ins and a chance to be awarded with a pokerstars.com Women’s Live Event Package.

Its first $0.1 tournament package runs at one p.m. ET and eight p.m. ET on a daily basis, whilst the $1.1 tournament packages are run at two p.m. ET and nine p.m. ET daily. On top of all, there is a free roll on every Sunday providing free tickets to the $0.1 weekly event. This league offers both monthly and annual cash prizes. In addition, the overall yearly winner of both leagues will be awarded with a maximum cash price of $4,000 pokerstars.com Women’s Live Event Package.

Another piece of interesting news for women in poker comes from pokernews.com with a bold prediction that at the 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP), the generally considered weaker sex will win an open event. In fact, we have seen so many times that the notion of the weaker sex does not apply in poker, especially online. This prediction was casted with the recognition of the huge success of the women poker players in 2010. The only thing left for us to wonder is which of the possible candidates might be the one to win. I will probably bet on Vanessa Selbst or Annette Obrestad!

In Cyprus, if you are an elderly woman and you have gathered 41 of your ageing counterparts to indulge in poker games at your home or their homes, don’t expect to get away with it just because you think you can throw your fake teeth at the young policemen. This piece of news made a buzz when 42 women between the ages of 75 to 85 were round up in a raid due to a leak from a jealous neighbor. It was learnt that the elderly women rotated houses where the games were played and organized weekly. However, the good news here is they all got away with a paltry fine. Now, if you ask me, I think next time if the grannies want to play poker at home, make sure they invite their neighbor along too!

Whatever it is, the situation looks like news about women in poker will be endless in the coming years since more and more women are entering into the poker arena, be it professionally or leisurely.

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