Queens at a Poker Table

The true queens at a poker table are for sure women. More women get involved in poker everyday beginning to play poker online. They are still a minority, but also a strong reality and very combative at the green table.

Annie Duke, Vanessa Rousso, Isabelle Mercier, Liv Boeree and Annette Obrestad are just a few names of professional players making a living with poker and are very feared even by the more experienced men. You can watch them playing in the greatest poker tournaments like the WSOP and you can see them win. Just recently Liv Boeree won €1,250,000 at EPT San Remo, Italy.

Supposedly disadvantaged, women in poker have several aces in the hole when seated at the poker table. Starting off with the apparently most grim expedients they can easily take advantage of the cliché depicting women’s frailty, emotionality and bluffing incapacity, showing themselves even more weak and fragile and hence hitting at the right time.

Cat Hubert, in her book “Outplaying the boys: Poker Tips for Competitive Women”, reveals how to easily take advantage of the commonplace of women’s weakness to slaughter those baby-boys at the table.

The grim reality is that while men are tendentially more risk takers and more efficient in logic reasoning and immediate action, women have a natural greater analysis skill together with greater capability to learn from opponents, to manage the bankroll, to act cautiously, to be patient and intuitive.

The challenge between Queens and Kings of poker is anything but uneven and it has just begun.

There are countless of poker tournaments going on around the world and online. It may seem as though you have to put a lot of cash upfront to join these tournaments but that is not always the case.
Poker freerolls are tournaments where entrance is essentially free. While you may have to earn certain member points, you do not have to buy into the tournament with a large sum. In some cases, winning such a tournament will buy you a ticket into a much larger and more prestigious tournament where earnings can be a lot higher. It is important to check what the conditions are for such tournaments and what you can get out of them.

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