Poker Etiquette

Knowing how to play the game is not all that is needed for you to become a good poker player. One thing that most people forget is that every game has its own etiquette rules that should be followed. Poker is no exceptions and there are a few poker etiquette rules that help the players remain respectful to each other as well as to the dealer. These rules also help keep peace when the game is on so it is important that you know them so that you do not end up upsetting the other players.

The following are some of the few bad behaviors that you should avoid when you are playing in a game of poker.

1. Going south during a game

This is when a person removes some of his chips from the table and doesn’t bet them anymore. This is particularly common when someone has won a large hand. They do this so that they do not risk losing the money that they have already won. This will mean that the other players do not have the opportunity to win back the money that they have lost. It is advisable to leave your money on the table until you decide to leave.

2. Splashing the pot

Most people mimic this from the movies and TV shows that they have seen. Splashing the pot is when a person throws in the money he is betting into the center pile and it falls with the rest of the pile. When all the chips are mixed up it is difficult to establish how much you have bet. Although it may look cool when doing it, it is one of those few habits that irritate the rest of the players and should therefore be avoided. Place your chips neatly in front of you where the dealer can reach so that they can establish how much you are betting.

3. String betting

This is when you have more than one stack of chips that you wish to bet and you push one stack first and then the second stack after. The only time this is acceptable is when you have already declared out loud how much you are about to bet. String betting is not acceptable because it can be used as a way of checking if your opponent is folding at the amount of chips you are placing for betting.

4. Table talk

This is basically trash talking the other players. Unless you are playing with your friends and this is acceptable in your circle, please try and avoid it when you are playing with strangers in the casino. If you find someone confronting you with such talk at the table, ignore him. If there is any conversation at all at the table try and keep it friendly.

5. Celebrating

There is nothing interesting about a person celebrating in your face that they have just won all your money. Always imagine the situation as if you were the one who lost the money. Do not start shouting at the table just because you won one hand, after all a lot can happen with the next hand.

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